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Welcome Anonymous !


Asdsassasin the assasination rogue

Post your shit in here, i don't care about amazing formatting just make it so that it doesn't give my eyes aids.

by Asdi » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:35 am

1. Character Name:


2. Class:


3. Current Server:


4. Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know):

Assasination (got an 862 UH dk or 860 blood dk alt)

5. Give us a link to your armory while logging out in PvE equipment:

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/s ... sin/simple

6. What raiding experience did you have in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP and more recently in the current expansion?

Started playing in tbc, Karazhan the first raid I ever did. Did raid a lot in wotlk playing a dk (naxx, ICC), in cata had my own guild and mainly did pvp, we were able to go 2.1k raitings in rbg's. Mop and Wod sucked balls, mainly just pvp and random pve, lfr and so on, now im 7/7 HC EN in legion.

7. What guilds were you previously in?

Eat my crit (guilds raid team is full so cant get a spot)

8. We raid on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20:00-23:30, are these times good for you?

Yea sure, i call in sick for work all the time anyway. no but seriously those times are ok.

9. We use loot council system when it comes to handing out loot. Are you okei with this ?


10. Do you play on a stable Internet connection? Link me a speed test or a picture.


11. Please provide us with your basic computer information: Processor speed, Amount of memory, and Graphics card.

Inter Core i5 3550p, 8gb ddr, Nvidia Geforce GT 640 4gb (yes should update it but gonna buy a new setup less then a year anyway)

Knowledge of Class and Play-style:

Playing an assasination rogue single target is like making things bleed like you are on your period, poison ppl like you wanna poison your mother in law, hit like Mike Tyson on drugs. And if you are in need of taking out more relatives then just your mother in law, i'll just go deadly poison, FoK into 3 target ruptures and then more knives around like im in circus and start spamming envenom to proc poison bomb aka bag of tricks trait.

On a more serious note, assasination is the easiest of the 3 specs to run. For assa it comes down to a good combo point management and refreshing bleeds under 8sec left on the previous bleed with the passive that stacks the new bleed on top of the remaining dmg on the ending bleed effect. There also has been a lot of opinions that is it better to use envenom at max 6 cp or 4-5cp. What i've seen in class discord its better to use envenom at 4-6 cp for more sustainable rotation and smoother planning for your bleeds. Also some of the popular talents are gonna change in 7.1.5 and that effects elaborate planning talent for example. Current patch i feel like its better to use even 4 cp envenoms if your EP buff is about to drop. Rogues are also great at soaking dmg that might be otherwise deadly in some fights with few different talent choises and abilities. All in all the spec is around rupture since that is ~25% of your dmg.


12. Please provide us with a screenshot or two of your UI in a recent combat RAID environment (a link is fine):


13. If possible, please provide us with a recent parse of your performance in a raid setting. Don't be lazy, go do a boss in LFR.



a. Can you tell us the stat weights you use for gear, gems, and enchants for your character?

Agi>crit>mastery>versa>haste, im running 23.7k agi, 41% crit, 126% mastery, 7% versa and 9% haste unbuffed with the current gear, would love to get some more mastery + versa withouh the cost of crit.

b. What is your standard rotation for your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking)?

For ST im specced to agonizing poisong atm, i open with rupture+muti into a envenom to get fast 5 stacks of ago poison, then vendetta + muti until 6 cp vanish rupture and then just keep refreshing bleeds when their less then 8sec duration and rest cp to use 5-6cp envenoms.

c. What resources (websites, addons, etc.) do you use to best optimize your choices above?
ElvUi, DBM, weakauras, warcraftlogs, /rwow, (gottagofast for mythic+)

15. A Train leaves the station at 3PM - It's carrying 355 Jews. If Jamal lights the oven at 1AM the previous night, when will it reach optimal temperature?

Jamal? Now black ppl are burning jews? Or maybe this jamal guys is just a slave taking orders. Anyhow i think it would depend on the type of oven we are talking about. Pretty sure its hot when the train arrives to its destination tho.

Personal Responses:

16. Age: Triggered. (27)

17. Gender: Even more Triggered (male)
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by Asdi » Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:33 pm

Or for more info when im not on bnet you can add me on discord: Asdi#5298.

Im pretty active there even when im not at the hq.
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